The goals of the 2019-2020 season, in brief, will be to improve upon your son’s baseball abilities through a variety of baseball development areas, opportunities and skill testing throughout the duration of the program. Baseball is a lengthy process, and the ultimate goal of Dream Big Athletics and the Illinois Patriots is to improve upon your son’s ability through a well-crafted, professionally developed Year-Round program to prepare your son to play baseball at the high school level and beyond. Training both indoors and outdoors, professional instruction from highly skilled, knowledgeable individuals, as well as various levels of gameplay/competition all help contribute to a player improving.


Dream Big Athletics is fortunate to have over 50+ years of combined professional baseball experience along with its 25+ years educationally regarding the physical development of athletes to enhance the lives and playing abilities of your sons. The Illinois Patriots Program strives to be unique, and separate of all other travel baseball programs, being governed by the understanding that baseball development is a process. The ultimate mission of Dream Big Athletics and the Illinois Patriots Program is to provide a positive environment for athletes to be motivated to improve their physical skills for various levels of competition. We seek athletic, skill, and mental development as our primary goals throughout the course of the program, in the many forms in which it may come.



2019 – 2020 Offerings

A youth player in the Illinois Patriots Organization for the 2019-2020 Season will receive:

  • Participation in our Year-Round Developmental Training Program

  • Comprehensive Fall Developmental and Instructional Training (1x-2x per week beginning after Labor Day – schedule at the discretion of DBA Staff)

  • Intersquad/exhibition game play during the fall (at the discretion of the DBA Staff and availability of other teams able to schedule and given numbers of the current program)

  • Winter #1 Indoor Training Sessions – November and December (2x per week)

  • Winter #2 Indoor Training Sessions – January, February, and March (2x per week)

  • Spring/early summer (April, May, June) Indoor and Outdoor Training Sessions (1x-2x per week)

  • April, May, June Tournament Games And/Or League Play Games (Season Schedule is at the discretion of Dream Big Athletics and will not be determined until 2019)

  • Players will be evaluated throughout the duration of the Year-Round training program and placed appropriately based on their performances and improvements in various baseball testing metrics established by the Dream Big Athletics Staff (throwing velocity, running speed, bat exit velocity, consistency of play with various drill work)

  • Other factors including proximity, previous teams participated on, and personal special requests can be considered but will not be guaranteed and MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING PRIOR TO CONSIDERATION.

  • All requests regarding team placement other than tangible baseball performance metrics MUST be submitted in writing to to be considered. Speaking with a DBA Staff member without necessary documentation in writing will not be considered.

  • Year-Round Training Program will implement the usage of advanced baseball technology

  • FlightScope Strike for various methods of player evaluation


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