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     4 Year School JUCO Recruiting Rankings

    1) Tennessee

    2) Kansas

    3) Florida St

    4) Arizona St

    5) Arizona

    6) Charlotte

    7) Southern Miss

    8) Western Kentucky

    9) North Carolina

   10) Campbell

   11) Louisville

   12) Houston

   13) Baylor

   14) Louisiana

   15) Missouri St

   16) Coastal Carolina

   17) Oklahoma St

   18) Alabama

   19) Lipscomb

   20) Washington

   21) Purdue

   22) USC

   23) VCU

   24) New Mexico St

   25) BYU

  • The 4 Year schools were out in full force this summer and fall recruiting players that would help them get to Omaha. A large number of programs set out to fulfill their recruiting needs with a big focus on the Junior College level. Some teams looked to supplement their recruiting class and others used the JUCO level to build quality and depth. Above were programs that did very well in the recruitment of JUCO players. Preseason Team Rankings are based on 1) Quality of returning players. 2) Quality of incoming players 3) Fall performance 4) Program history

  • In Season Team Rankings are based on 1) Weekly performance 2) Quality wins 3) Tough losses 4) Overall team ability and future potential

  • Preseason Player Rankings are based on 1) The thousands of JUCO players scouted in the fall. 2) Returning players scouted last spring. 3) Recommendations from MLB Scouts 4) Recommendations from College coaches and JUCO coaches.

  • In Season Player Rankings are based on 1) Overall future potential 2) In person Scouting Evaluations from actual game scouting. 3) In season performance.

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